Yates Captivates Audience at Cal UAS Day at Inyokern

Glowing political endorsements, breathtaking aerial displays and a miniature technology expo helped usher in the communitywide embrace of Cal UAS Portal last weekend when Inyokern Airport hosted an open house showcasing the strides the local effort has made as a candidate to host the integration of unmanned aerial systems into the national airspace.” Rebecca Neipp, Staff Writer for the News Review, Ridgecrest, CA.


The November 16 and 17 event attracted a crowd of 6,000, and elected federal, state and local officials, to enjoy a day of thrilling aerial performances and to show support for Cal UAS Day. Pilot Chip Yates helped kick off the event with breathtaking fly-bys in his record-setting electric Long ESA. With 16 world records to his credit, Yates was surrounded by throngs eager to meet him and see the now-famous electric plane close up.

Commenting on the turnout and the enthusiasm, Yates said, “To me what that demonstrates is the personal investment the local population has in doing everything they can to bring business and innovation to the valley. Being a part of that kind of community-held sentiment makes me glad to be here. It also makes me want to keep going, because I don’t want to disappoint anyone.”


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