1st Anniversary Flight Uses Powerful New Battery

 After a year hiatus that included refining and testing his Long-ESA for planned groundbreaking flights this summer and fall, Chip Yates piloted his electric plane for a successful 20-minute flight at 5,500 feet to test his new battery pack from EnerDel…and all on the first anniversary of the plane’s July 19, 2012 record-breaking maiden flight (202 mph).

June 30 Taxi Test

This June, Yates announced the selection of EnerDel for his five world record ePlane attempts, airshows and the US Navy UAV contract. “I trust these cells with my life,” Yates said. The 450-volt, 80-amp-hour pack, twice the output of the battery used for last year’s flight, was taxi-tested on  June 30, for a flawless high speed 40-minute run.

And on July 19, exactly one year from the vehicle’s first test flight, the Long-ESA 2.0 completed its second major flight, at 175 mph. “We were at less than 50% throttle,” Yates said. “Our plan is to reach 250 mph.”

Photo by Brent Baer


  Click here for wired.com’s story and video of the anniversary event. 



Living the “Wired.com” Life!

For loyal and engaged journalism, it doesn’t get any better than wired.com, who has been following Chip Yates’ electric innovation saga from the days of his world record setting electric motorcycle adventures to the birth of his Long-ESA and the plan to fly it nonstop across the Atlantic.

Wired covered  the July 19, 2012 world record setting flight (click) of the Long-ESA and its hair-raising deadstick landing, when the plane lost propulsion power and glided somewhat shakily to the ground. But the 202.6 mph world record had been set, and it’s safe to say that Wired will be there on October 5-6, 2013 when Yates sets out to break that record at the California Capital Airshow.

This past June, Wired did a cover feature (click) on Yates’ plans to follow the path of pioneer Charles Lindburgh across the Atlantic, in his own pioneering bid to explode the frontiers of electric flight. Noting the tremendous future impact of this groundbreaking effort, Wired reports that Yates has the attention of the Pentagon. Electric aircraft have very little acoustical or thermal signature, making them well-suited to reconnaissance missions, and Yates has recently signed a cooperative research agreement with the US Navy.

The latest? Wired was on board (not literally) with coverage of the July 19, 2013 first anniversary flight (click) of the Long-ESA after a year of preparation and testing, sporting robust new batteries and a host of new technology that powered the plane to 175 mph on half throttle. Fans of wired.com will enjoy the continuing saga…all the way to the finish line.

Whirlwind Sacramento Visit Sets Stage for Fall Airshow Challenge






















On July 11, in preparation for his participation in the October 5-6 California Capital Airshow, Chip Yates flew to Sacramento for a fast-paced visit that included meeting with community and business leaders and with the Airshow Board of Directors.

He also took time for motivational conversation with several groups of area kids about how science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) can bring fun and adventure to their lives, a cause close to his heart. 

Some 150,000 fans at the high-visibility October airshow will witness Yates’ efforts to break his own speed record in his all-electric Long-ESA, which set the world record of 202 mph in July 2012. Sporting powerful new high-performance batteries, a mid-air recharging probe, and other new technology, Yates will attempt to achieve 230 mph in a series of high-speed fly-bys.

Of special interest to children of all ages will be Yates’ commitment to allocating plenty of time to meet and talk with kids. He will be a featured attraction for both days of the airshow, and will be available to answer questions. “I want to be an example to kids and teens,” says Yates. “I want them to see that they can use science and math to explore all the opportunities around them. I’m living proof that if you can dream it, you can build it.” 


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