The Fastest Electric Airplane in the World.  The Most Powerful Electric Airplane in the World.  First to Break the 200 MPH Barrier.

“Having already claimed the crown for the world’s fastest electric motorcycle in 2011, he has now stamped his seal on the title of first manned electric airplane to break the 200 mph barrier in level flight.”          — Paul Ridden, GizMag.com


“Showing us why he does what he does, Yates kept his cool and brought the electric airplane back to Earth in one piece. And so for the second time in a year, Chip Yates has broken an electric speed record on vehicles he had a hand in designing himself.  You’ve got to admire a person who puts their own lives at risk for both the thrill of record breaking, and at the same timing daring humanity to push the technological envelope.”          — Christopher Demorro, GAS2.0


THE FASTEST ELECTRIC AIRCRAFT IN THE WORLD: In the skies over Inyokern Airport, California, on July 19, 2012 test pilot and FOTC CEO Chip Yates took off runway 33 in calm winds, and using far less than full throttle, achieved a top speed of 202.6 MPH in level flight. The feat was documented by the US Navy at China Lake with their range tracking telemetry, who reported the Long-ESA top speed of 204.4 MPH.


THE FIRST ELECTRIC AIRCRAFT TO BREAK THE 200 MPH BARRIER:  During the epic record-setting flight, Chip Yates achieved and held 200 MPH for more than 15 seconds to ensure a good telemetry capture from the on-board MoTeC data acquisition system and from China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station. Full power was not used because the battery pack was a carry-over from the team’s prior electric superbike program and was showing signs of age-related impedance build-up. Following the record run, a cell inside the pack became damaged and Chip executed a “priority landing” with no power, at Inyokern’s 7,100 foot long runway 33.

THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL ELECTRIC AIRCRAFT: With our customized 258 horsepower, liquid-cooled DC brushless electric motor producing 400 ft/lbs of torque, this is the most powerful electric airplane in the world.

WORLD RECORD ELECTRIC AIRCRAFT:  The Flight of the Century team has purchased a Burt Rutan Long-EZ (N89CY) and has converted it to an all-electric flying test bed aircraft on which to continue development of our patent-pending Infinite Range Electric Flight (IREF) technology by installing a front mounted recharging probe and related equipment for mid-air recharging.  As a second mission, the aircraft is also being equipped to attempt additional top speed records and highest altitude for a manned electric aircraft world records in 2012 as schedule permits.  Our plane is referred to as a Long-ESA, for “Electric Speed & Altitude” in reference to the world record attempts it will make this year, while honoring the incredible genius of Burt Rutan’s many designs, including the iconic “Long-EZ”.

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