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School “STEM” Presentations Inspire Students

Our team believes it is critical to America’s future that we engage our kids in science, technology, engineering, and math (“STEM”). During our travels, we at Flight of the Century visit schools to motivate students about the fun and adventure of science.








We are committed to educate students of all ages about the importance and real world relevance of how taking these “hard” classes can result in very rewarding careers and accomplishments.  “I want to help kids realize they’re passionate about something,” says pilot and innovator Chip Yates. “We need young engineers and scientists on the forefront.”   **Click for Chip Yates Bio.


Igniting Passion for the Future

Teachers, administrators and parents laud the dynamic presentations Yates brings to young people…

Science, technology, engineering and math are difficult subjects to tackle in a world where people think if it doesn’t come easy, it isn’t worth it. Chip has important messages about grit and not giving up, with such positive enthusiasm. He shows that there is reward in failure, and that mistakes can be motivating. His passion and excitement engage and ignite young minds to embrace and study hard subjects, a message kids need today whatever their career paths may be.”    –Christine Lindenfelser, Parent, St. Margaret’s School

“If you can dream it, you can build it,” says Yates. “And I’m living proof of that!”

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A Spokesman for Education and Motivation

As a national spokesperson for the Conrad Foundation, which is based on the legacy of the late Apollo 12 astronaut and entrepreneur Charles “Pete” Conrad, Yates seeks to motivate high school students to achieve all that they areYou are the Solution capable of.

LogoThe Foundation’s programs combine education, innovation and entrepreneurship, and its flagship program – the Spirit of Innovation Challenge – is an annual competition that challenges high school students to solve real-world problems by using science, technology and innovation.

**Click for Chip Yates’ keynote presentation to students and educators worldwide at the 2013 Spirit of Innovation Challenge Kickoff on August 21.