Flight of the Century, Inc.

Corporate Mailing Address:
26895 Aliso Creek Road
Suite B37
Aliso Viejo, CA. 92656


a Div. of Yates Electrospace Corporation
U.S. Government Contractor
DUNS: 078636387

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Our Team

Chip Yates Inspires Future Scientists

Committed to Kids

Our team believes it is critical to America's future that we engage our kids in science, technology, engineering, and math ("STEM"). During our travels, we visit schools to motivate students about the fun and adventure of science. To request a visit to your school, email info@flightofthecentury.com.                        Click to read more                       Click for Chip Yates Bio

Flight of the Century

The Flight of the Century team has developed a solution to replace and/or recharge electric battery packs while an electric aircraft is in flight by a patent-pending mid-air “refueling” technique of swapping battery packs from a moving airplane.  Our technology eliminates “range anxiety” by immediately enabling unlimited range electric powered flights.