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October 22, 2014 //BLOOMBERG video feature by Alan Jeffries “What is Half Elon Musk and Half Evel Knievel?” hails the electric journey of Chip Yates from self-funded inventor to world-famous phenomenon as creator of the world’s fastest electric motorcycle and electric airplane.  //WATCH VIDEO//

July 23, 2013 //WIRED Magazine writer Alex Davies pays tribute to Chip Yates’ five spectacular world records recently verified by the FAI, in “This Record-Breaking Electric Plane Stomps a Gas-Powered Cessna!”  //READ HERE//

May 17, 2014 //MAKE: writer and Maker Faire Program Director Sabrina Merlo introduces “SuperHacks, World Records and Risk” to describe the story behind Chip Yates’ inaugural participation in the 2014 MAKER FAIRE in Palo Alto, CA.  //READ HERE//

April 11, 2014 //The CAFE Foundation’s aviation news writer Dean Sigler comments in depth on Chip Yates’ choice of a 235-horsepower Piper Charger to carry the inflight EnerDel lithium battery packs for upcoming tests on Yates’ signature mid-air recharge.  //READ HERE//

March 5, 2014 //The News Review, Ridgecrest, CA. Staff writer Rebecca Neipp covers Chip Yates’ keynote presentation at the 2014 Indian Wells Valley Economic Outlook Conference on February 28, highlighting Yates’ message about the power of a small, innovative community united behind a cause.  //READ HERE//

March 1, 2014 //Ridgecrest Daily Independent coverage of Chip Yates’ keynote presentation on the power of innovation at the 27th Annual Indian Wells Valley Economic Outlook Conference, held February 28 in Ridgecrest, CA.  //READ HERE//

February 10, 2014 //Discovery Channel “Daily Planet” features Chip Yates’ unstoppable world records, including a dramatic emergency landing! //WATCH VIDEO//

February 8, 2014 //Discovery Channel: Aviation Pioneer Chip Yates hosts an episode of Discovery Channel’s “World’s Top Five” Series on the world’s largest aircraft – the incredible Howard Hughes Spruce Goose. //WATCH VIDEO//

December 18, 2013 //”Risk is the Currency of Innovation” – Chip Yates delivers featured TEDx talk in Bermuda. //WATCH VIDEO//


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