2013 Media Archives



December 18, 2013 //”Risk is the Currency of Innovation” – Chip Yates delivers featured TEDx talk in Bermuda. //WATCH VIDEO//

November 20, 2013 //The News Review, Ridgecrest CA highlights the soaring performance of pilot Chip Yates at the recent Cal UAS Day Airshow over Inyokern Airport! //READ HERE// 

October 11, 2013 //Wired Magazine full coverage of 5 World Records, including 2 new Guinness records set by Yates and his electric Long-ESA at the Oct 5-6 CA Capital Airshow over Sacramento’s Mather Field! //READ HERE//

September 11, 2013 //Ridgecrest CA News Review covers Long-ESA spectacular achievement of three official new world records set 9/6/13 over Inyokern Airport in California’s Mojave Desert.  //READ HERE//

September 3, 2013 //Discovery Channel kicks off season with Chip Yates Story Part 1. Includes up-close scenes and narration from cockpit during high-risk experiemental test flights.  //WATCH VIDEO//

August 13, 2013  //Chip Yates’ nail-biting loss of power and near miss at 500 feet during attempt to set 5 new FAI world records, captured on video with audio from the cockpit//WATCH VIDEO//

August 2013  //Spectrum news special: profiles the most innovative efforts in electric power for aircraft, including Chip Yates’ Long-ESA and pioneering achievements//READ HERE//

August 7, 2013  //Motor Trend TV features Chip Yates and his electric journey in a full action video!  //WATCH VIDEO//

July 23, 2013  //Wired.com Photos and Video Feature of Chip Yates’ 1st Anniversary Test Flight in Long-ESA 2.0!  //FEATURE & VIDEO HERE//

July 19, 2013  //Chip Yates First Anniversary Successful Test Flight Reaches 175 MPH at Half Throttle!  //WATCH VIDEO//

July 10, 2013  //Wall Street Journal announcement that Chip Yates, the first human in history to exceed 200 MPH in an electric airplane, will try to beat his original record at the CA Capital Airshow on October 5-6, 2013.  //READ HERE//

June 28, 2013  //Outside Magazine Profiles how Chip Yates will Retrace Charles Lindbergh’s 1927 Journey.  //READ HERE// 

June 26, 2013  //Discovery.com profiles Chip Yates’ history-making speed records and his ambitious plans for his pacesetting Long-ESA.  //READ HERE//

June 25, 2013  //Wired.com Cover Story Features In-depth Interview with Chip Yates About Plans and Impact of Trans-Atlantic Flight.  //READ HERE//

April 26, 2013  //FOTC Chip Yates Speaks at CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium, Santa Rosa, CA.  Presenting “The Challenge of High Speed Flight,” Yates joined authoritative leaders from NASA, MIT, UCLA, IBM Research Lab and others who represent the key technologies that will enable electric flight to sustainably transform transportation – through energy, aeronautics, noise reduction, propulsion, autonomous flight, safety, reliability, cost and environmental friendliness.