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Test Flight Mid-Air Probe

Our patented long-to-infinite range mid-air recharging probe installed on our flying electric test plane


About Us

The Yates Electrospace Corporation team is known worldwide as fast-executing electric vehicle researchers and technology innovators. Our electric vehicles hold 14 world records with numerous patents pending and have been extensively featured on television and in print by defense and commercial media outlets, including the cover of Popular Science Magazine and 15 feature articles by Wired Magazine.


Our Team

Our advancements in the field of high-performance clean propulsion have earned formal recognition throughout the U.S., including a California Assembly Resolution presented at the State Capital on July 19, 2012 commending founder Chip Yates for distinguished service as a pioneer in the For ABOUT on Websitefield of aviation. Yates is also the national spokesman for the Conrad Foundation, which is based on the legacy of the late Apollo 12 astronaut and entrepreneur Charles “Pete” Conrad, and he takes time out to make motivational presentations to students encouraging achievement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

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Our Board of Directors includes Dick Rutan, Nancy Conrad, Chris Welsh and advisor Erik Lindbergh. The YEC team operates from an engineering and prototyping facility in Orange County, California as well as from our electric airplane hangar and fabrication facility at Inyokern Airport, near China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station in the California high desert.


Commercial and Military Applications

Yates Electrospace Corporation is dedicated to pushing the frontiers of electric vehicle technology  and engineering to their ultimate application for a host of commercial and military innovations.  Through our range-extending and mid-air recharging technology and patent portfolio, Yates Electrospace Corporation and our investors hold the keys to the future of electric aviation. The extraordinary promise of this technology is that it provides for long-to-infinite range of electric and hybrid-electric airplanes, using commercially available batteries, with a technology that is surprisingly simple and cost effective to implement and is being currently flown and demonstrated on our electric Long-ESA test aircraft.


Silent Arrow: Stealth Hybrid Electric UAV


Based on our original patent on the solution for mid-air recharging electric aircraft, our military division has teamed with the U.S. Navy through a signed Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) to develop the future of UAVs: a long range hybrid electric aircraft with Infrared Signature Suppression that avoids enemy detection while providing persistent target coverage for military operations. 

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