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  • Founder & CEO Yates Electrospace Corporation, Flight of the Century, Pro Racing, USA
  • Professional Motorcycle Racer 2009-2011
  • Designer, Builder and Pilot of World’s Fastest Electric Airplane
  • Holder of 18 World Records for Electric Vehicles
  • MBA, Business Entrepreneurship, University of Southern California


Chip Yates is a highly dynamic and proven leader who has become recognized worldwide as an electric vehicle pioneer and green technology innovator.

Yates led his engineering team to create one of the world’s most accomplished and well-known electric vehicles. Featured on the full cover of Popular Science Magazine, Yates personally rode his team’s iconic 258 horsepower electric superbike at speeds over 200 mph to Eight Official World Landspeed Records, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb World Record, four AMA National Records and four AMA National Championship Titles. He currently holds the official FIM and Guinness Book of World Records™ titles for “The World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle.”


In 2012 Yates donated this world-famous electric superbike to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, where it will be featured on permanent display in their Alternative Power Exhibit Hall.


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Yates earned his MBA at the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, University of Southern California.

He was recruited by USC and hired as an adjunct faculty member at the Marshall School of Business in 2004, and continues to be a frequent guest lecturer and business plan judge. His deep commitment to education is evident in the time he spends addressing and inspiring students of all ages about the importance of  excelling in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).


Yates was a Licensing Executive for the Boeing Company for three years, and a Patent Litigation Negotiator for Honeywell International for nine years. He is currently CEO of Yates Electrospace Corporation, parent company for Flight of the Century.


In 2011, Yates’ Flight of the Century team purchased a Burt Rutan Long-EZ (N89CY) and converted it to an all-electric flying test bed aircraft on which to continue development of his patent-pending Infinite Range Electric Flight (IREF) technology, by installing a front mounted recharging probe and related equipment for mid-air recharging.  The new Long-ESA aircraft was also equipped to attempt top speed records and highest altitude, and in July 2012 Yates piloted the plane to its first official record as the fastest electric airplane in the world, at 202.6 mph. In September 2013 Yates and his plane achieved three more official world records. He is dedicated to proving the capabilities of electric aviation, and is working on commercializing military and civilian applications of his patented infinite-range electric flight technology.


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Yates is a prolific inventor, with more than 8 issued patents…

including 3 on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and more than 30 consumer products invented and brought to market including the trendsetting “Fliplash” flip-over toy car that Yates invented, prototyped, and brought to market. Yates also invented, patented and brought to market the world’s first dual-chambered fitness bottle, SWIGZ®.


Yates’ infectious passion, persistence, honesty and habit of delivering risk-defying results is popular with the mainstream media, and he and his team have been extensively featured and interviewed by worldwide outlets such as BBC World Service Radio; on national television such as appearances on the NBC Good Morning Show “Today in the Bay,” Discovery Channel and Fox40; on nationally syndicated radio such as Pit Pass Radio; in front page magazine features such as Popular Science Magazine; and in thousands of mainstream Web features such as on Wired.Com, Engadget, Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal, Top Gear Magazine, Sport Rider Magazine, Speed Channel, CNN, CNBC, Motorcycle News, and others.


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In February 2012, Chip Yates was named as one of Orange County’s Most Interesting People…

by the Orange County Register newspaper. He divides his time between his home in Southern California and his Long-ESA’s berth and testing facility at Inyokern Airport in the California high desert.


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