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Guinness World Record Holder and Flight of the Century CEO Chip Yates to Speak, Display World’s Most Powerful Electric Airplane at 2012 EAA AirVenture Oshkosh


Inyokern Airport, California, July 17, 2012—-Infinite-range electric aerospace company Flight of the Century, Inc. ( announced today that their all-electric Long-EZ, which is currently undergoing its first flight testing just days before Oshkosh, will be featured on display to the public in the Innovations Hangar – South from July 23-29.


Designed to achieve world records for speed and altitude in manned electric classes, this highly modified Rutan Long-EZ (“Long-ESA” for Electric Speed & Altitude) features a liquid cooled electric motor producing 258 hp and 400 ft/lbs of torque, spinning a custom CATTO 3-bladed carbon prop, and equipped with thrust reverse, propeller KERS regeneration, and a 453 volt DC lithium-ion polymer battery pack capable of 600 amp continuous discharge rates. Yates will be on-hand in the Innovation Hangar to greet the public and talk about the unique features of the Long-ESA.


Flight of the Century (FOTC) officials recently joined the Electric Aircraft Development Alliance (EADA) and announced their intention to design and build an all-electric aircraft that Chip will fly from New York to Paris along the same 3,600 mile historic route pioneered by Charles Lindbergh in 1927.  FOTC engineers are deploying the firm’s recently filed worldwide patent (61/618,482) that enables electric aircraft to remain aloft indefinitely by soft docking with flying UAV battery pods to recharge in-flight.


The Long-ESA on display is part of the R&D program to perfect mid-air tethering and battery pack jettison solutions to enable the upcoming Lindbergh flight, which will use a 100’ wingspan custom electric aircraft built by FOTC and development partners.


In addition to the Long-ESA, the display will feature on-board video multimedia presentations, autograph cards, and the “World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle” will also be shown next to the airplane for the public to enjoy.  Now owned by the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, this custom built electric superbike was raced by Chip Yates at speeds over 200mph to capture the Guinness World Record, 8 Official FIM World Landspeed Records, the Pikes Peak World Record, 4 AMA National Records, and was featured on the cover of Popular Science Magazine.  Chip’s team made headlines when they beat gasoline superbikes to two podium positions at Auto Club Speedway after entering their electric vehicle into a regularly scheduled, all-gasoline vehicle roadrace.


Chip Yates Speaking Times at 2012 AirVenture (all times CDT):


The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation’s Electric Flight Symposium

On Thursday July 26th at 11:15am, Chip will give an energetic talk on his plans to change the way people fly, entitled “All-Electric Lindbergh Flight: Unlocking Infinite Range” as part of the “Future Visions” agenda. (Innovations Hangar – North)


Lindbergh Foundation & Aviation Green Alliance’s Breakthrough Technologies Series

On Friday, July 27th at 10:30am, Chip will share his vision and patent-pending technology for long-range, heavy payload electric aircraft that are recharged mid-flight by rendezvousing with, and tethering to, flying UAV battery pods. (Innovations Hangar – North)


AeroInnovate’s Technology Showcase

Also on Friday, July 27th at 1:00pm, Chip will share his experiences in how he built “The World’s Most Powerful Aircraft” and became a licensed pilot in the two month period from May to June 2012 with help from flight instructor Tim Reynolds and fabricator Chris Parker.  Technical details and dramatic video will accompany the presentation. (AeroInnovate Technology Showcase Stage, Innovations Hangar – South)


EAA Radio Interview

Finally, on Saturday, July 28th at 12:00pm, Chip will give a live interview summarizing his whirlwind entry into the aviation industry on EAA Radio with Bob Collins for Collins’ Daily Show.




**FOTC expects the first ever flight of the electric Long-ESA to occur at Inyokern Airport sometime between July 17-20, weather and safety factors permitting.  Expect further press releases, images, and video should the first flight occur prior to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh**





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VIDEO: Low-Speed Taxi Test Day at Inyokern Airport (7/14/12):


(NEW) VIDEO: High-Speed Runway Test Day at Inyokern Airport (7/16/12):





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