Rockstar of Science Launches Speaker Website, Inspires Audiences

FLASH!  Announcing the launch of a new website supporting aviator and 18-world record holder Chip Yates in bringing his spoken message of innovation to adult and youth audiences! Following the launch, Yates jumped into a fast-paced speaking tour to inspire audiences of all kinds. **Click to visit new website.

SOIC Address formatFebruary 28:   Yates delivered the keynote presentation at the 27th Annual Indian Wells Valley Economic Outlook Conference. (See prior post)

April 8:  Chip Yates held the podium at the NASA Space Center Houston as he captivated an audience of young finalist entrepreneurs and inventors for the 2014 Conrad Foundation Spirit of Innovation Challenge awards ceremony with his keynote “The Art of Pioneering.” Said Yates, “You are ALL winners. Now go execute your plans and make us proud!”Shannon Grove Fundraiser2

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April 10:  Leaving Houston, Yates packed up the world’s fastest eplane for his next keynote appearance at a fundraiser for CA Assemblywoman Shannon Grove at Epic Aviation Jet Center in Bakersfield, CA.  [Note: Yates’ presentation “The Art of Beating Giants” contributed to an unprecedented fundraising success.]

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April 16:  With hardly a pause, Yates next surfaced at his alma mater: USC’s Lloyd Grief Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, where he guest taught a graduate level case study challenge “Failures Fuel Innovation” that revealed secrets of successful entrepreneurship to MBA students.  “If I engineered as much as I yap, I might be pretty good!” said Yates.

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May 17:  The MAKER FAIRE!!

Appearing on the 2014 Maker Faire’s huge Center Stage in Palo Alto, CA, Yates presented to a standing room only audience how he made the world’s fastest eBike and ePlane in a garage! Yates told the enthusiastic audience: “My top 5 “makes” are 1) MAKE your dreams come true, 2) MAKE the stakes high, 3) MAKE to push your limits, 4) MAKE someone else a maker, and 5) MAKE an impact on the world.”  **Click to view Chip’s speech.

To visit the new Rockstar of Science website, click here.