Be an Entrepreneur! says Spirit of Innovation Challenge Spokesperson Chip Yates

Chip Yates, national spokesman for the (Astronaut Pete) Conrad Foundation, recently released a video talking about why this is the perfect time for young adults to join the innovation revolution and bring their ideas to the Conrad Foundation for the 2015 Spirit of InnovationFor ABOUT on Website Challenge.                            **Click to view video


Yates is a highly dynamic and proven leader who has become recognized worldwide as an electric vehicle pioneer and green technology innovator. Yates built the world’s fastest electric airplane, holds 18 world records for electric vehicles and has an MBA in Business Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California.

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“If I accomplished these things with no funding, but just a few dedicated volunteers and a heart for innovation, you can too,” Yates urges teens and young adults to bring their ideas to the 2015 Challenge. “There’s never been more opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators to change the world than now,” he says.





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