Bloomberg Hails So CA Inventor Chip Yates

Pioneer and entrepreneur Chip Yates is featured on, Bloomberg TV and BloombergBusinessweek

**Click to view Bloomberg video**

I have an interesting relationship with the concept of risk. I personally believe you’re not going to innovate that much without taking risk. But I’m not a daredevil.”  –Chip Yates


Chip Contemplative

What is Half Elon Musk, Half Evel Knievel?

Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) — “Chip Yates, a SoCal-based inventor, has created both the world’s fastest electric motorcycle and the world’s fastest electric airplane. He’s soon ready to turn years of self-funded R&D into a business, but not before realizing his ultimate aspiration: crossing the Atlantic in an electric plane for the first time ever, with the help of drones that will recharge his plane in mid-air.”

Video by: Alan Jeffries (Source: Bloomberg)”


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