Up Close and Personal on Motor Trend TV: Chip’s Full Electric Story

Motor Trend TV August 7, 2013      “On this episode of ‘On Two Wheels’, we visit Chip Yates, an engineer turned professional motorcycle racer, turned record-setting electric technology pioneer! Chip decided at the age of 36 to quit his job at Boeing and pursue a career as a professional AMA racer.

After turning pro, he had a big crash which ended his competitive career. Looking to the future, Chip was not discouraged, but rather, motivated to venture into new territory. He designed and built an all electric superbike that produced 258hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. He went on to race the bike and broke numerous World Records at Bonneville and Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

With 10 World Records under his belt, he wasn’t done yet! He took the technology he developed in the electric superbike and built an electric airplane. In his second flight ever in the aircraft, he broke the world speed record for an electric aircraft and his record still stands today!” 

Click here to view the thrilling behind-the-scenes video story.

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Some posted comments:   Wow, that’s an amazing story….One of the best episodes I´ve seen so far on any youtube channel. Keep up the excellent work Motor Trend!!….The world needs more folks like this guy….This was an amazing episode! Someone give this guy some financial backing for gods sake!….This guy is a superhero! There’s nothing he can’t do….All I can say is wow! I’d check his DNA and make sure he isn’t Burt Rutans son….He looks like he is delivering pizzas!….That’s one amazing story! What a life!!….’and didn’t die’ – I love this guy!….Astonishing but no surprise. Chip Yates is pure Renaissance Man.

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Comments from Chip….   “This amazing just-released video, shot and edited by Brent Baer of Motor Trend TV, is a cool summary of how we got to where we are today, and sets up the excitement and question of where we will be tomorrow! I consider it to be a huge honor to be covered so generously by Motor Trend TV /Motorcyclist Magazine – very humbling and a great job by Brent and the team.

We have our heads down right now, planning to attempt another four official FAI airplane world records in the next two weeks, followed by attempting the world’s first mid-air recharge of an electric airplane as a demo for the U.S. Navy, and then flying for the California Capital Airshow Oct 5-6 in Sacramento, to set a Guinness World Record. Stay tuned!”



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