Innovation Superstar to Share Surprise Video at 8/21 Spirit of Innovation Challenge Kickoff

The Conrad Foundation has announced their annual “Spirit of Innovation Challenge” and the live stream launch event, featuring special guest speaker Chip Yates…world record holder, entrepreneur and inventor. In addition to sharing five motivational life lessons with the audience, Yates will also show the nail-biting video of his recent near miss, losing power at 500 ft during an attempt to set 5 new FAI world records. The video captures the visual and audio moments from the cockpit as Yates realized he was without power and began to prepare for an emergency landing.  **Click to view the full video.    

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The Conrad Foundation is based on the legacy of the late Apollo 12 astronaut and entrepreneur, Charles “Pete” Conrad. Its programs combine education, innovation and entrepreneurship to inspire solutions for achieving global sustainability. Its flagship program is the Spirit of Innovation Challenge, an annual competition that challenges high school students to solve real-world problems by using science, technology,Sac20 entrepreneurship and innovation.

Innovator Chip Yates, who will be the launch event’s keynote speaker, has a deep and active commitment to motivating kids and teens in science, technology, engineering and math. His STEM presentations to school groups deSTEM2monstrate the real-world relevance of how taking these “hard” classes can result in very rewarding careers and accomplishments.  “I want to help kids realize they’re passionate about something,” says Yates. “We need young engineers and scientists on the forefront.”

**To request a visit to your school, email

The worldwide Spirit of Innovation Challenge kickoff viewing party is scheduled for August 21, 6:00-7:00 pm (US Central Time), and the public is invited to register to view the live stream event.

Click for details and to read the full announcement.   






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