Risk is the Currency of Innovation: See Yates’ 2013 TED Talk Live!

Two World RecordsTHIS FALL electric vehicle pioneer Chip Yates joined a distinguished 29-year lineup of speakers as part of the acclaimed international TED presentation series (Technology, Entertainment, Design). Yates was a featured speaker at the annual TEDx Conference on October 19 in Southampton, Bermuda.

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One of the most spellbinding presenters around, Yates spoke on his rocket-fast journey to push electric transportation to the forefront, what it takes to be a pioneer in global improvement, and why failure is one of the critical elements to success and to reaching human potential. 


Targeting his message to youth as well as adults, Yates spoke with humor, sincerity, and humility, igniting his audience with his passion and urging listeners to push their limits, expect setbacks, and rebound from failure. Yates is a passionate advocate of science IMG_99461-150x150and technology for youth, and a pioneer who never gives up, setting 16 world records to date, and establishing astonishing new platforms in electric vehicle technology. 


TED Presentations address a wide range of topics within the research of science and culture; past presenters include Nobel prize winners, distinguished innovators and other luminaries. Talks are livestreamed and some 1500 are available for free viewing online. By 2012 TED talks had been viewed one billion times.

Breaking the Bounds of Ordinary Thinking

Yates was nominated for this worldwide speaking honor by the Conrad Foundation, who said, “Chip Yates is the kind of person who wakes up in the morning thinking, ‘How can I make the world a better place—how can I make a difference?’


“Chip is a 16-time world record holder, enthusiastic speaker, innovator, entrepreneur, engineer, professional biker and pilot committed to breaking the boundaries of ordinary thinking. He’s an electric vehicle pioneer who pushes the edge of green technology advancement...”


STEM2**Click for info on Yates’ motivational STEM presentations to schools.


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