Yates to Join Distinguished TED Speakers for Oct. 19 Bermuda Event

Chip Yates is the kind of person who wakes up in the morning thinking, ‘How can I make the world a better place—how can I make a difference?’ 


Chip Yates has just announced his acceptance of an invitation to appear at the annual TEDx Conference in Southampton, Bermuda on October 19, 2013 as a featured presenter.

He has been asked to speak on his rocket-fast journey to push electric transportation to the forefront, what it takes to be a pioneer in global improvement, and why failure is one of the critical elements to success and to reaching human potential.

As a passionate advocate of science and technology education for youth, Yates will also target his messages to young people around the world, as well as to an adult audience. He will also make multiple school appearances during his visit, igniting students of all ages with his passion and excitement.  (**Click for info on Yates’ STEM presentations to schools.)


Joining a Distinguished 29-Year Lineup

The annual TED x Bermuda Conference is part of the international TED presentation series (Technology, Entertainment, Design) founded inPhoto4 1984 in California to promote “ideas worth spreading,” the current slogan. The October 19 event will be held in the imposing Mid-Ocean Amphitheatre at the luxurious Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda Resort, a short flight from east coast gateways.

TED Presentations address a wide range of topics within the research of science and culture; past presenters include Nobel prize winners, distinguished innovators and other luminaries. Talks are livestreamed and some 1500 are available for free viewing online. By 2012 TED talks had been viewed one billion times.


“Breaking the Boundaries of Ordinary Thinking”

IMG_99461-150x150Yates was nominated for this worldwide speaking honor by the Conrad Foundation, who said, “Chip Yates is the kind of person who wakes up in the morning thinking, ‘How can I make the world a better place—how can I make a difference?’

“Chip is a 16-time world record holder, enthusiastic speaker, innovator, entrepreneur, engineer, professional biker and pilot committed to breaking the boundaries of ordinary thinking. He’s an electric vehicle pioneer who pushes the edge of green technology advancement...”


Watch for an update with photos from the Oct 19 presentation!


Two New World Records Electrify Crowd at CA Airshow!!!

guinness_world_records_logoOctober 5-6, 2013:  In a breathtaking ascent to 1640 ft in one minute four seconds, pilot Chip Yates and his now-famous Long-ESA set a new Guinness World Record for speed of climb to altitude in an electric airplane this past weekend at the California Capital Airshow, one of the largest in the nation.


Thousands of spectators at the former Mather Air Force Base outside Sacramento craned their necks on Saturday to watch history being madeTwo World Records and hear Yates’ voice from the cockpit as the all-electric plane climbed from a dead stop to the target 500M in 62.58 seconds, a full 17 seconds ahead of the existing fastest time of 1:20. “We’re at 1000 ft…1200 ft…1400 ft…1640 ft…we’ve done it in just over a minute…a new world record!”  

 Preparing for Speed Record                                                         On Sunday, the Long-ESA was back in action to set a second world record, this time for speed over a 1km course averaging two passes, one from each direction. Yates piloted the electric aircraft to 220.9 mph on the first pass and 212.9 mph on the second, resulting in a new world record of 216.9 mph. This brings the total electric vehicle world records achieved by Yates and his team to an unprecedented 16. 

**Click for latest coverage by Wired Magazine.


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“We’re extremely excited by all these world records and their implications for potential commercial and military applications of electric vehicle technology,” said Yates. “But to me one of the best parts of this weekend is that before the show we pledged $1,000 for each world record we hoped to set at the airshow, as a donation to the U.C. Davis Children’s Hospital to buy toys for their ICU. So I’ll have the pleasure of presenting that $2,000 gift.”


The California Capital Airshow showcased two days of thrilling performances in the skies over Mather Airfield for some 150,000 visitors, including the Royal Canadian Air Force Jet Demonstration Team and a heartwarming 65th Anniversary Berlin Airlift Tribute, as well as acres of entertainment and displays on the ground.

EV Pioneer Announced as Conrad Foundation Spokesman; Oct 5-6 Airshow Appearance!

October 3, 2013:  The Conrad Foundation announced today that inventor, entrepreneur and electric vehicle world record-holder Chip Yates is the official spokesman for the ConradOn Stage Foundation’s “Spirit of Innovation” Challenge. The partnership is driven by Yates’ dedication to developing innovative global solutions and his commitment to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education for young people.

The Spirit of Innovation Challenge celebrates the life of astronaut Pete Conrad and challenges high school students to use science, technology andLogo collaboration to develop products and services to benefit humanity and address global sustainability. Photo above right: Yates addresses a worldwide Spirit of Innovation audience.


                              *  *  *  *  *

“It was Pete’s personal drive and entrepreneurial spirit that propelled him to embrace innovation to achieve his goals, walk on the moon and leave a legacy we are so proud to honor,” said Nancy Conrad, founder and Chairman of the Conrad Foundation. “Pete would have admired Chip’s tireless pursuit of innovative design.”

As the official spokesperson for the Foundation, Yates will share with young people and educators around the world some lessons learned from pushing limits of technology forward, including what it takes to be a pioneer in global solutions and why overcoming failures is one of the critical elements to success and to reaching human potential.
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On October 5-6 Yates will be featured at the California Capital Airshow, one of the nation’s largest, with his Flight of the Century exhibit and record-breaking electric Long-ESA. He will attempt two Guinness world speed records in front of 150,000 spectators, and will also be part of the STEM LaunchPad Experience, which allows teens to see aerospace technology at work. 
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**Click for more information:  Read about Yates’ August 21 keynote address to students around the globe on the link betwween failure and innovation. 

**Click for full press release on the Conrad Foundation partnership.