EV Pioneer Announced as Conrad Foundation Spokesman; Oct 5-6 Airshow Appearance!

October 3, 2013:  The Conrad Foundation announced today that inventor, entrepreneur and electric vehicle world record-holder Chip Yates is the official spokesman for the ConradOn Stage Foundation’s “Spirit of Innovation” Challenge. The partnership is driven by Yates’ dedication to developing innovative global solutions and his commitment to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education for young people.

The Spirit of Innovation Challenge celebrates the life of astronaut Pete Conrad and challenges high school students to use science, technology andLogo collaboration to develop products and services to benefit humanity and address global sustainability. Photo above right: Yates addresses a worldwide Spirit of Innovation audience.


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“It was Pete’s personal drive and entrepreneurial spirit that propelled him to embrace innovation to achieve his goals, walk on the moon and leave a legacy we are so proud to honor,” said Nancy Conrad, founder and Chairman of the Conrad Foundation. “Pete would have admired Chip’s tireless pursuit of innovative design.”

As the official spokesperson for the Foundation, Yates will share with young people and educators around the world some lessons learned from pushing limits of technology forward, including what it takes to be a pioneer in global solutions and why overcoming failures is one of the critical elements to success and to reaching human potential.
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On October 5-6 Yates will be featured at the California Capital Airshow, one of the nation’s largest, with his Flight of the Century exhibit and record-breaking electric Long-ESA. He will attempt two Guinness world speed records in front of 150,000 spectators, and will also be part of the STEM LaunchPad Experience, which allows teens to see aerospace technology at work. 
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**Click for full press release on the Conrad Foundation partnership.

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