AirVenture Oshkosh Summary to FOTC Stakeholders

Dear Friends and Stakeholders!   Tomorrow we pack up and tow home from 2012 EAA AirVenture OshKosh after an incredible week where we learned a ton and left our mark on the event by shaking things up and getting folks thinking outside the box about the future of electric aviation.  Our team of Tim Reynolds,

Chip Yates to speak about the future of electric aircraft technology at EAA Oshkosh in several key forums and symposiums. The Flight of the Century (FOTC) team will also be exhibiting the all-electric Long-ESA (“Electric Speed & Altitude) and will have handouts, autograph cards and video and data collected from the electric airplane. The team

Inyokern Airport (IYK) Selected as FOTC’s Long-ESA Flight Test and World Record Program Headquarters

The pristine 7,100 foot runway 15/33 at Inyokern Airport will soon echo with the sound of the future, as our high performance, all-electric Long-ESA executes taxi-testing, first flight, and world record attempts at this wonderful facility. The Flight of the Century team carefully considered three Southern California airports known to be friendly to advanced R&D

World’s Most Powerful Electric Airplane on Track for First Flight

Check our our recent photos in this gallery.  Hard to believe, but true.  We bought this Long-EZ as a gasoline powered donor plane in April and it will fly as the world’s most powerful electric airplane in July.  We are on track and on schedule for a first flight in early July as promised.  16 hour days

Lindbergh Electric Transatlantic Q&A with Chip Yates

When in summer is the first flight of the Long-EZ? Our Long-EZ (we renamed it Long-ESA for “Electric Speed & Altitude” referring to the world record attempts we will make on (i) fastest manned electric airplane, and (ii) highest altitude manned electric airplane) is scheduled for taxi and static thrust tests the first week of

Kinetic Energy Recovery in a Descending Electric Airplane

Today is an exciting day in the Flight of the Century workshop, where the electric Long-ESA is not only receiving propeller shaft design and fabrication, but we are developing the intriguing capability to regenerate electrical power during descents through our on-board Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). Our liquid-cooled DC brushless electric motor is capable of

FOTC’s DoE ARPA-E Concept Paper

The Flight of the Century team has submitted a concept paper proposal to the U.S. Department of Energy’s forward-thinking ARPA-E program. The official website is:  Below are the highlights from our 2-page submission with technical information and charts redacted: Infinite Range Electric Aircraft with Dockable UAV Battery Pods Technology Description. The W.Morrison Consulting Group

Let’s Give Some Grace to the People and Companies Trying to Make a Difference!

Some thoughts regarding the lynch mob-esque response to the Fiskar Karma house fire story.  Below is an excerpted transcript of Chip Yates’ recent interview with London-based Transport Evolved (entire interview at the link below) Excerpt from (39:50) Transport Evolved (TE) The thing (Fiskar Karma) catches fire and burns his house down, now the good news is

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The Flight of the Century team has developed a solution to replace and/or recharge electric battery packs while an electric aircraft is in flight by a patent-pending mid-air “refueling” technique of swapping battery packs from a moving airplane.  Our technology eliminates “range anxiety” by immediately enabling unlimited range electric powered flights. 

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