Long-ESA Named One of IEEE Spectrum “10 Electric Planes to Watch”

August 2013       Aviation is a slow-moving industry, says  IEEE Spectrum, but the daring designers of electric aircraft have made a lot of progress recently.

During the past two years, as a number of key technologies—batteries, controllers, motors, and materials—have neared maturity and become easier to source at more affordable prices, there has been a minor boom of sorts in the offering of electric drives for small planes.

In an August 2013 news special, Spectrum profiles some of the most innovative efforts in electric power for aircraft, including Chip Yates’ Long-ESA and his pioneering achievements.

Chip Yates isn’t one for half measures, says Spectrum. He holds electric motorcycle speed records, and has broken the electric airplane speed record as well. Yates isn’t one for nuance either. His goal with Flight of the Century is to cross the Atlantic à la Lindbergh (literally so, with the same constraints) but in an electric aircraft. It will be with a new design, which is still on the drawing board. There are significant challenges to overcome, but Yates is a man with a plan and wants to get there in stages…

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