Chip Yates to speak about the future of electric aircraft technology at EAA Oshkosh in several key forums and symposiums. The Flight of the Century (FOTC) team will also be exhibiting the all-electric Long-ESA (“Electric Speed & Altitude) and will have handouts, autograph cards and video and data collected from the electric airplane. The team will also exhibit Chip Yates’ electric superbike next to the Long-ESA, that collected 8 FIM world records, the Guinness Book of World Records title of “The World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle” and was featured on the cover of Popular Science Magazine.

EAA has issued a release below. (Please note correction: The Electric Long-ESA is an R&D aircraft for the Lindbergh electric transatlantic flight, but is not the actual plane for that mission, schedule to be flown by Chip Yates in 2014 in a custom 100’ wingspan carbon fiber aircraft.)


In other exciting news, the Flight of the Century team is relocating from Orange County, California to Inyokern Airport on Saturday July 7th for flight testing with the cooperation of the Inyokern Airport authorities and the China Lake Naval Air Warfare Center located adjacent to Inyokern Airport. Flight testing to occur at Inyokern Airport from July 8th through July 20th, after which, the Long-ESA will be packed and moved to Oshkosh for display to the public.

Expect additional press releases from FOTC after the move to Inyokern with high res photos images of the electric Long-ESA!

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