FOTC’s DoE ARPA-E Concept Paper

The Flight of the Century team has submitted a concept paper proposal to the U.S. Department of Energy’s forward-thinking ARPA-E program. The official website is:  Below are the highlights from our 2-page submission with technical information and charts redacted: Infinite Range Electric Aircraft with Dockable UAV Battery Pods Technology Description. The W.Morrison Consulting Group

Let’s Give Some Grace to the People and Companies Trying to Make a Difference!

Some thoughts regarding the lynch mob-esque response to the Fiskar Karma house fire story.  Below is an excerpted transcript of Chip Yates’ recent interview with London-based Transport Evolved (entire interview at the link below) Excerpt from (39:50) Transport Evolved (TE) The thing (Fiskar Karma) catches fire and burns his house down, now the good news is

Why We Are Not Waiting Around for Batteries to Improve

LONG RANGE ELECTRIC FLIGHT…NOW:  Consider this: on our electric superbike, we had the best of the best lithium-ion polymer prismatic pouch cells, 108 of them at a retail price tag of $40,000.  On one hand, these cutting-edge cells are very impressive – able to sustain 600 amp current draws, producing a fully charged voltage of

Our Plan: An Electric Airplane that Flies Forever

PATENT PENDING: 61/618,482 Long Range Electric Airplane and Method of Operating Same (McKenna, Long & Aldridge, LLP) Compared to fossil fuels and the range that we’ve come to expect from our vehicles, battery energy density is always going to fall well short of what is needed to convert consumers en masse to full EV adoption.  For

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The Flight of the Century team has developed a solution to replace and/or recharge electric battery packs while an electric aircraft is in flight by a patent-pending mid-air “refueling” technique of swapping battery packs from a moving airplane.  Our technology eliminates “range anxiety” by immediately enabling unlimited range electric powered flights. 

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Why We Are Not Waiting Around for Batteries to Improve
Our Plan: An Electric Airplane that Flies Forever

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